Straight from the Tap

Home Protection Program


Most customers don’t know that they are responsible for maintaining and repairing the water and sewer lines running from the curb to their home. If these lines break, you could face large, unexpected home repair bills.

Homeowner’s insurance normally doesn’t cover the cost of repairs to your home’s utility line so Cleveland Water has partnered with Dominion Products and Services, Inc. to offer affordable solutions to eliminate the high cost and stress of unexpected repairs to water lines, sewer lines, and home plumbing systems.

Water and sewer line problems are often caused by invasive tree roots or aging pipes. The cold temperatures and winter weather often exacerbate these problems. The last thing you want to deal with during the holidays is the hassle and expense of a broken water or sewer lines.

Dominion Products and Services, Inc. offers the following protective service programs for these types of emergencies. The charges are extremely reasonable and added to your monthly water bill:

Click the link for details on the cost and coverage of each program. Discounts are available when you enroll in multiple programs.

To learn more or enroll, visit or call 1-888-822-6945.

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