Straight from the Tap

Happy Global Day of the Engineer!


Every day engineers apply principles of science, math and technology to advance the lives of millions of people around the world. At Cleveland Water, our engineering section has many responsibilities aimed at providing a reliable supply of safe, quality drinking water as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether they are overseeing large projects in our neighborhoods to replace water mains, reviewing the specifications on one of our surge tanks, or optimizing our water treatment plants and processes to ensure the quality of our water is top notch, they’re hard at work and carry a lot of responsibility. On this Global Day of the Engineer, we’d like to take a quick moment to highlight two, and thank all, of our engineers for what they do to ensure we always have safe, quality drinking water wherever and whenever we need it.

Global Day of the Engineer 2017 Rasheed Warith


Global Day of the Engineer 2017 Becky Andrus