Straight from the Tap

Get to Know the Water Buggy


You may have seen it recently at a community event near you. If not, you likely will soon. It’s our Cleveland Water water buggy.

This hydration station has become a major attraction at fairs, festivals, and celebrations across our 640-square mile service area. With almost 30 appearances so far this year and over 50 remaining, the water buggy provides our customers with free, great-tasting water at events right in your neighborhood.

But the water buggy does more than provide hydration to our community. It also provides an opportunity for our Education and Outreach staff to connect with customers. The buggy is always accompanied by knowledgeable employees sharing important information about your drinking water, like the steps in the water treatment process, the advantages of tap water over bottled, and discount programs and account services available to customers.

 So how does it work exactly? Here are a few facts about the Water Buggy:

  • It’s 6 feet wide, 12 feet long, 8 feet high and holds 300 gallons of clean, cool drinking water
  • It’s double-sided, equipped with 4 fountains and 4 spigots on each side, including 2 accessible fountains and spigots
  • A small generator keeps a chiller and two pumps running so that the water is always at the right pressure and temperature

So stop by an event near you and enjoy a refreshing glass of Cleveland tap water on us! And don’t forget to bring your reusable water bottle! You'll save money and help the environment by refilling it with tap water.

If you're interested in having the Water Buggy at your community event, contact our Education and Outreach team at 216.664.3173 or