Straight from the Tap

Fall 2018 Suburban Water Main Project Awards Announced


Cleveland Water has awarded over $7 million in funding to 15 water main replacement projects in 7 communities through it's Suburban Water Main Renewal Program (SWMRP).

As part of its $26 million annual capital investment in buried infrastructure, Cleveland Water biannually awards funding for water main renewal and replacement projects in direct service suburban cities through the SWMRP.

The SWMRP provides these suburbs with a mechanism to have their water mains replaced at no direct cost to them. Since the program’s inception, Cleveland Water has facilitated substantial improvements to the water infrastructure throughout the 35 participating communities. To date, over $130 million has been invested in water main renewal and replacement.

In 2007, Cleveland Water partnered with the Suburban Water Council of Governments to launch the SWMRP in order to renew local water mains in direct service suburbs.

Before Cleveland Water instituted this program, suburban governments owned water mains smaller than 20 inches in their respective communities. While Cleveland Water was responsible for the maintenance and repair of broken mains, suburban communities were financially responsible for replacing or rehabilitating the infrastructure.

To join the program, suburbs must enter into a restated Water Service Agreement (WSA) that transfers ownership of their distribution system to Cleveland Water. Cleveland Water then takes over the responsibility of making capital improvements to the water distribution system in those suburbs. Accordingly, we have committed capital funds to finance water main projects under the program.

Twice each year, eligible suburbs can submit applications for proposed projects in their community. Projects are chosen based on an objective scoring model. 

While Cleveland Water provides project funding and oversight, each local suburb usually manages the design and construction process. SWMRP funds are often used to leverage additional Ohio Public Works Commission funding for sewer or roadway projects that are done simultaneously with the water main work. 

The following projects were awarding SWMRP funding for Fall 2018. A full list of 2018 project awards can be seen here.

Community Street Boundaries CWD Funding
Beachwood Campus Rd. Green Rd. to Cedar Rd. $381,452
Euclid East 206th St. East 200th St. to Edgecliff Blvd. $435,615
Euclid Drakefield Ave. East 260th St. to East 272nd St. $739,320
Euclid Goller Ave. East 200th St. to East 216th St. $811,132
Maple Heights Krems Ave. East 141st St. to East 146th St. $495,149
Newburgh Heights East 42nd St. Arlington Ave. to Bridgeview Ave. $117,520
Newburgh Heights East 41st St. Alpha Ave. to Bridgeview Ave. $272,790
Newburgh Heights East 43rd St. Bridgeview Ave. to Washington Park Blvd. $133,800
Newburgh Heights Alpha Ave. Washington Park Blvd. to E. 42nd St. $321,490
Pepper Pike Edgewood Rd. Entire length $528,000
Rocky River Story Rd. Wooster Rd. to City Limit $852,040
Rocky River Shoreland Ave. Hampton Rd. to Wooster Rd. $525,640
Rocky River Struhar Dr. Hilliard Blvd. to Jamestown Dr. $524,620
Shaker Heights Avalon Rd. Fernway Rd. to Van Aken Blvd. $523,428
Shaker Heights Strathavon Rd. Lomond Blvd. to Scottsdale Blvd. $456,420