Straight from the Tap

Downtown and near west customers may experience discolored water.


UPDATE 10/9/15 3:30pm:

Discolored water that originated from our Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant is now running clear in plant samples and any affected customers should begin seeing their tap water clear by evening if they have not already. The water remains safe to drink and affected customers can resume laundry as normal when the water is visually clear.

Water is safe to drink; No boil alert in effect.

On Thursday, routine maintenance activities were being conducted at the Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant. During these activities, potassium permanganate crystals were flushed into the plant’s raw water at a higher concentration than normally used to aid in removing tastes and odors. As a result, water plant operators have noticed a slight pink color to the treated water leaving the plant.

The water, while discolored, is not harmful. It is safe to drink and use as normal. However, customers experiencing the discolored water may wish to refrain from doing laundry as it may stain fabric. 

As the colored water makes its way through the distribution system, the pink will decrease and water will return to normal. If you notice a pink color to your water, please don’t be alarmed. This is a temporary situation that should be resolved in a matter of hours as water travels through the system. Again, the water is safe to drink and use as normal. Customers do not need to boil the water.