Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Water Submits HB512 Lead Mapping Requirements


This week, Cleveland Water submitted our lead cityside connection map and supporting documentation in accordance with Ohio House Bill 512 (HB512). The bill requires community water systems to identify and map areas known or likely to contain lead service lines. The maps will also assist Ohio EPA with ensuring proper lead and copper sampling is conducted in areas of lead service lines and proper notifications are made to customers.

In October last year, we announced our Lead Connection Lookup tool and released a preliminary map in order to provide you with access to our records regarding lead cityside connections. We also detailed our successful lead treatment process and provided you with tools and tips for further reducing any risks associated with lead in drinking water. (Watch our How It Works – Orthophosphate video and find more helpful information here.) Since then, we have continued to build on our records, added our new Direct Service customers in Cleveland Heights, and further refined our map. You can find our submission to Ohio EPA here

As we continue to provide a reliable supply of safe, quality drinking water, we will also continue to share important water quality information with you. Our 2016 Water Quality Report is being finalized and will be posted soon. You can view our 2015 Water Quality Report here. If you would like to have your water tested, click here for a list maintained by Ohio EPA of certified laboratories that can test for lead and many other potential contaminants. 

We also look forward to sharing more about our water treatment process and answering your questions at our annual Drinking Water Week Open House which will be held on Saturday, May 13 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Nottingham Water Treatment Plant, 1300 Chardon Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44117. So mark your calendars and register today for our annual celebration of family-friendly and fun-filled excitement. This event will include something for all ages including tours, demonstrations, hands-on exhibits, giveaways, and various activities.