Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Water is Safe from Lead


At Cleveland Water, we take the potential risks associated with lead and copper – as well as many other contaminants – seriously.

We have implemented thorough testing and treatment processes in order to reduce potential risks to our customers. We regularly collect and test about 300 water samples a day to ensure the water our customers receive exceeds all federal and state drinking standards.

Our water quality starts with Lake Erie. Not only is Lake Erie one of our region's greatest natural assets, it is also an ample and consistent supply of source water for the Cleveland Water system. This consistency helps ensure that Cleveland Water can produce and deliver a reliable supply of safe drinking water to our customers.

Specific to lead testing, we follow the requirements of the federal lead and copper rules as administered by the State of Ohio through the Ohio EPA. Cleveland Water is currently on “Reduced Triennial” monitoring status, which is the best you can achieve in terms of monitoring and is based on past successful results. With regards to lead and copper monitoring, we monitor at representative sites throughout our service area as defined and required by the lead and copper rules. Our most recent round of lead and copper monitoring, completed in September 2015, showed 90% of samples as being below detection for lead. 

Additionally, our treatment process includes the use of orthophosphate. Orthophosphate inhibits corrosion by laying down a thin film that acts as a barrier on metal pipes and fixtures. This helps reduce the potential risks associated with lead and copper found in some metal pipes and fixtures. We are required to maintain a minimum pH and concentration of orthophosphate in our water as a treatment technique regulated by the Ohio EPA. We monitor and report these results to the Ohio EPA on a regular basis as well. 

Another great source of information on our water quality and treatment process is our annual water quality report. We are required by the Ohio EPA to produce this report yearly. It outlines all of our required sampling results, compliance history for the year, and public health information regarding contaminants commonly found in water.  It is available on our website (

We should be releasing the 2015 report in the next couple of months.