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Cleveland Water Reminds Customers to Beware of Scams


On Utility Scam Awareness Day, Cleveland Water wants to make sure customers are aware of what to look for in the event of someone showing up on their property or calling and claiming that he or she is a Cleveland Water employee.

Your safety is important to us. Please review the tips below in order to recognize Cleveland Water employees coming to your home or contacting you:

Cleveland Water Employees:

  • All water employees are required to wear clothing that has the Cleveland Water logo embroidered on the left front of either their jacket or shirt.
  • Vehicles are white or blue and are marked with the Cleveland Water logo on the door or side of the trucks.
  • All employees have Cleveland Water identification cards which must be worn and visible at all times while they are on duty.
  • If there is work being done near your home, an employee may knock on your door to notify you of the work and any disruptions to service, otherwise, employees will only come to your home if prior arrangements have been made (investigations, meter installations, etc.).

Clear Reads Meter Installers:

  • All Clear Reads meter installers will have a scheduled appointment and arrive in a vehicle displaying the Clear Reads and Cleveland Water logos.
  • All installers will have two forms of identification: a Clear Reads badge and a contractor company badge. Both badges will include a photo.

If you have any doubts about an individual trying to enter your home do not let them in. Close and lock your door and call your local police immediately.

Phone Calls:

  • The majority of our credit and collections process is handled via official written correspondence. And you can always check the status of your account online at
  • Scammers often request immediate payment by credit card or a prepaid card and threaten to immediately disconnect service if it is not received. While some calls are made by our Credit and Collections Manager or designees, Cleveland Water Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) do not call customers to request money over the phone.
  • Should you receive a call from Cleveland Water, you always have the option to request more information about the caller.
  • If you want to check to be sure it is a legitimate call, ask the caller for their name and extension and tell them that you will call them back immediately. Hang up and call the Cleveland Water Customer Service line at 216-664-3130.
  • If the caller refuses to provide you with more information, hang up and report the call, and the caller’s name and phone number, to your local police department. Never give personal or financial information to someone.


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