Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Water is proud to support Imagine a Day Without Water all this week


Water is essential to every aspect of the quality of our lives, our communities and across the country. At Cleveland Water, we know access to a reliable supply of safe drinking water is critical to the 1.5 million customers we serve daily throughout Northeast Ohio.

That is why Cleveland Water is proud to participate in this year’s Imagine a Day Without Water campaign. This national day of action educates the public about the vital role water plays in our lives and raises awareness about the crucial need for investing in our nation’s water infrastructure to ensure that no American community is left without access to safe and reliable water.

Have you ever imagined what a day would be like if you could not drink water, brush your teeth, flush the toilet, wash your hands, bathe, do laundry, cook, clean or do all of the essential things we may take for granted? In Cleveland, we do not have to worry about because we are fortunate to be located on the shore of Lake Erie. Lake Erie one of our region's greatest natural assets and provides an ample and consistent supply of source water for the Cleveland Water system.

Like most cities, however, Cleveland is faced with having to deal with an aging infrastructure. Consequently, Cleveland Water continues to invest in the system as a proactive measure to reduce infrastructure deterioration.

Over the past 30 years, Cleveland Water has spent more than $1.6 billion in our treatment plants, water tanks, towers, and water mains. Now, our focus has turned to our Capital Improvement Program. Currently, nearly $20 million per year is spent on replacing water mains and over the next 6 years, approximately 50% of our capital spending will go towards replacing aging infrastructure. This means that from 2015 to 2023, Cleveland Water will spend nearly $237 million in upgrades.

Through all of these efforts, Cleveland Water will continue to deliver a reliable supply of safe drinking water so no one within our 80 communities will ever have to imagine a day without water.  

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