Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Water is Prepared for the Next Round of Winter Weather


Cleveland Water crews continue to work around-the-clock to fix leaks in the distribution system which began with the onset of below-average temperatures earlier this winter. Since January 1st, an average of 20 new main breaks per day have occurred and the emergency call center has received an average of 530 calls per day. During winter months, Cleveland Water averages 6 breaks per day on the 5,300 miles of mains in our 640-square-mile service area. The colder than normal winter is impacting other public water systems across the region in a similar fashion.

While we continue to investigate calls and make repairs, we are also prepared for the ice and snow storm that is anticipated to impact our region today and overnight. Cleveland Water is prepared and will have all of its resources operating in order to address ongoing and anticipated water main breaks.

  • We will have 30 crews working over multiple shifts 24-hours a day. Crews will be working under extreme weather conditions. Crews are working as efficiently as possible to repair leaks.
  • We prioritize leak repairs based on factors including the volume of leaking water, the location, street conditions, and the number of customers who may experience low or no water pressure. Leaks that impact schools and hospitals, and leaks on heavily traveled roads/intersections, are given a higher priority.
  • We ask for patience from our customers as we work to repair 70% more breaks than normally occur in average-temperature winters. It is a good practice to have a few containers of Cleveland tap water on hand in the event a break on your street leaves your home with low water pressure for a few hours.
  • We ask that drivers slow down, pay attention and use caution in areas where our crews are working. If possible, avoid driving through those areas completely. This is for the safety of the workers making repairs and the motorists themselves. While we do our best to treat roads with deicers, roads may still be icy in areas of a main break.

If you see a water main break or are experiencing no or low water pressure, please call our 24-Hour Emergency Line at (216) 664-3060.



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