Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Water Participates in the One Simple Act Waste Reduction Challenge


On Thursday, August 6th, Mayor Jackson’s Office of Sustainability launched the One Simple Act Waste Reduction Challenge for City employees. Multiple departments took on the challenge, including Cleveland Water, with the goal of understanding the difference between recycling and trash and applying it in the workplace. The challenge will last the whole month of August. The winning team will get a catered lunch with Mayor Jackson, recognition at the annual Sustainability Summit and a prize pack of great waste reduction tools.

Cleveland Water's participating team "Chase the Waste" has been implementing multiple useful habits already in the workplace. The team started an office composting can by storing food scraps in a coffee can in the freezer. Storing in a cool place can prevent odors and make it easier for transportation to the main compost pile. They are also kicking the bottled water habit and adopting reusable water bottles, saving plenty of money throughout the year.

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