Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Fire is Now Accepting Applicants for New Firefighters


Photo Credit: @acgercak

Fire needs three things in order to burn – oxygen, heat and fuel – and water makes it hard for the fuel to be in contact with the air. So, water helps to prevent combustion and thus, fire. That means we have a few friends at our local fire departments we need to support; and, more than 75,000 fire hydrants throughout out service area to which we need to keep the water, and water pressure, flowing!

Recently, the City of Cleveland announced it is now accepting applicants for Cleveland Fire

It’s a tough job but a rewarding career. Our Cleveland Firefighters are brave men and women committed to providing critical services to our neighborhoods and residents. They work hard each and every day, and are an essential and valuable part of our community. They truly make a difference. Now, it’s your chance.

Applications are available now through Saturday, April 15th so don’t delay. Candidates are required to complete the application and take a test online. To complete an application and schedule a testing date and location, click here. Testing will be conducted Saturday, April 1st through Sunday, April 30th.

For more information about the application process, contact the Cleveland Fire Recruitment Unit at 216-664-6388 or email inquiries to: Computers at Cleveland City Hall may be made available for candidates who need them.