Straight from the Tap

4:30 p.m. Boil Advisory and Main Repair Update


The boil advisory issued by Cleveland Water for Strongsville and Middleburg Heights earlier today remains in effect. Customers in this area can look up their address to determine if their home or business is in the affected area.

Pressure has been restored to the affected part of the system and Cleveland Water staff are collecting water samples from locations throughout the affected area.

In order to determine the water is safe to drink, Cleveland Water will test chlorine residuals for the presence of pathogens to ensure customers can resume using the water as normal. Results will be back Tuesday afternoon. When test results indicate that the water is safe to drink, the advisory will be lifted.

Customers in the affected area and adjacent areas may experience discolored water or air in their water lines. If this occurs, customers should go to the faucet closest to where the water service line enters the home and turn on the cold water faucet as high as it goes to flush the water until it runs clear. This usually takes about 3 to 5 minutes. If it does not clear, turn the water off and try again in one hour.

The discoloration is a result of changes in water flow direction during the main break. Cleveland Water crews are working to flush hydrants in areas of discoloration. 

Work continues on the Engle Road water main break. While excavating the road to reach the break, crews discovered that the roadway was significantly compromised. To prevent the road from collapsing and causing further damage to additional water mains located below, crews backfilled the hole in some areas.

Crews will continue throughout the night to excavate the road, haul away the broken concrete, and backfill the road until they reach the break location. It is expected that the repair will take at least a week. During repair, Engle Road between Sheldon and Bagley Roads will remain closed and customers will have water service.