Straight from the Tap

2018 Highlight: Building Partnerships in Infrastructure


In 2018, Cleveland Water built partnerships with other city departments and community organizations to leverage technology and creativity in our infrastructure.

Hydrant Inspections

Cleveland Water maintains and supplies water to almost 74,000 fire hydrants in our service area. We rely on annual hydrant flushing in local communities for important information about the functionality of these hydrants.

This year, we teamed up with Cleveland Fire to make annual flushing and inspections of the 18,495 fire hydrants in the City of Cleveland more efficient.

Each Cleveland Fire Company was equipped with a tablet installed with Cityworks software. Cityworks contains a digital, GIS-based inventory of all Cleveland Water distribution infrastructure including all fire hydrants in our distribution system.

As firefighters performed seasonal hydrant flushing, they were able to use Cityworks to view an inspection list and immediately put in a service request to us if a hydrant was in need of any maintenance or repairs - a major improvement from the previous pen and paper system.

Surge Tank Mural

In October, the Cleveland Water surge tank along the West Shoreway was transformed into a dramatic addition to Cleveland’s public art scene. The culmination of almost two years of planning by Cleveland Water and LAND studio, the mural, titled “Walking on Water,” was completed by world-renowned artist Sam3.

Completed in conjunction with previously scheduled capital maintenance, the mural was funded by an anonymous donor working through LAND studio. A community advisory committee selected artist Sam3 from a diverse group of qualified artists. His design concept is based on community input as well as inspiration from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ quote, “No man ever steps in the same river twice.”

The mural creates a sense of place and promotes investment in the community while also creating awareness about the value of drinking water and water resources. Find all the details about the project and a photo gallery here:

By the Numbers

  • $16.7 million invested in replacing 63,118 feet of suburban water mains
  • $7.6 million invested in replacing 24,311 feet of Cleveland water mains
  • 2,211 water main repairs