Straight from the Tap

2018 Cleveland Water Main Renewal Projects


To ensure that our customers have the high-quality water they expect delivered when and where they need it, we at Cleveland Water are focusing our Capital Improvement Projects on underground infrastructure. This means investing $26 million a year in capital funds on replacing and renewing aging water mains throughout our service area.

The arrival of spring and warmer weather means that work on these capital projects will soon begin. Below is a list of scheduled water main replacement projects for the city of Cleveland. Water main projects outside the city of Cleveland are part of our separate Suburban Water Main Renewal Program.

The purpose of these projects is to replace existing water mains with new mains that will improve the reliability of water being supplied to homes and businesses in the community. Hydrants will also be replaced as will the city-side portion of service line connections. After completion of the water main work, the road will be repaved by the City of Cleveland Streets Department.

Customers can expect water service and fire protection throughout the project. Residents and businesses will be supplied with water from a temporary connection while the regular main is being replaced. In addition, traffic and driveway access will be maintained during repair work, although traffic may be limited to one way.

Water main replacement work will take place on the following street sections:

  • Linn Dr. from Tuscora Ave. to Ada Ave.
  • Lakeview Rd. from Earle Ave. to Greenview Ave.
  • Earle Ave. from Linn Dr. to Lakeview Rd.
  • Durant Ave. from Lakeview Rd. to Arlington Ave.
  • Guthrie Ave. from West 81st St. to West 65th St.
  • West 91st St. from Sauer Ave. to Madison Ave.
  • West 58th St. from Herman Ave. to the north end of West 58th
  • Home Ct.
  • Lakewood Heights Blvd. from West 140th St. to Waterbury Rd.
  • Guardian Blvd. from West 130th St. to Bellaire Rd.
  • Carrington Ave. from West 130th St. to Giles Rd.
  • West 121st St. from Carrington Ave. to Bennington Ave.
  • Camden Ave. from West 73rd St. to West 82nd St.
  • Woodstock Ave. from MLK Jr. Dr. to Mapleside Rd.
  • Fleet Ave. from Broadway Ave. to Aetna Rd.
  • West 58th St. from Herman Ave. to Detroit Ave.
  • Florida Ave. from East 153rd St. to the west end of Florida

An updated Construction Project webpage will soon be available on our website where you can find more information on upcoming projects.